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Tugas softskill bahasa inggris bisnis

Tugas softskill bahasa inggris bisnis
Tugas softskill bahasa inggris bisnis -

Exercise 21: Conditional Sentences (Page 97)
Supply the correct form of the verb in parentheses for each of the following sentences. Review the formulas if you have trouble.
1. Henry talks to his dog as if it understood him.
2. If they had left the house earlier, they wouldn’t be so late getting to the airport that they could not check their baggage.
3. If I finish the dress before Saturday, I will give it to my sister for her birthday.
4. If I had seen the movie, I would tell you about it last night.
5. Had bob not interfered in his sister’s marital problems, there would been peace between them
6. He would give you the money if he had it.
7. I wish they stopped making so much noise so that I could concentrate.
8. She would call you immediately if she needed help.
9. Had they arrived at the sale early, they would have found a better selection.
10. We hope that you enjoyed the party last night.
11. If you have enough time, please paint the chair before you leave.
12. We could go for a drive if today were Saturday.
13. If she wins the prize, it will be because she writes very well.
14. Mike wished that the editors had permitted him to copy some of their material.
15. Joel wishes that he had spent his vacation on the gulf coast next year.
16. I will accept if they invite me to the party.
17. If your mother buys that car for you, will you be happy?
18. If he had decided earlier, he could have left on the afternoon flight.
19. Had we known your address, we would have written you a letter.
20. If the roofer doesn’t come soon, the rain will leak inside.
21. Because rose did so poorly on the exam, she wishes that she had studied harder last night.
22. My dog always wakes me up if he hears strange noises.
23. If you see marry today, please ask her to call me.
24. If he gets the raise, it will be because he does a good job.
25. The teacher will not accept our work if we turn it in late.
26. Mrs. Wood always talks to her tenth-grade student as though they were adults.
27. If he had left already, he would have called us.
28. If they had known him, they would have talked to him.
29. He would understand it if you explained it to him more slowly.
30. I could understand the French teacher if she spoke more slowly.

Exercise 22: Used To (Page 99)
Supply the simple form or (verb + ing) as required in the following sentences:
1. I was used to eating (eat) at noon when I started school.
2. He used to eat (eat) dinner at five o’clock.
3. When I was young, I used to swim (swim) every day.
4. He used to like (like) her, but he doesn’t anymore.
5. Don’t worry. Some day you will get used to speaking (speak) English.
6. Alvaro can’t get use to studying (study).
7. He used to dance (dance) every night, but now he studies.
8. Adam is used to sleeping (sleep) late on weekends.
9. Chicko is used to eating (eat) American food now.
10. She finally got used to eating (eat) our food.
Exercise 23: Would Rather (Page 101 – 102)
Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in the following sentences.

1. We would rather stay home tonight.
2. Mr. Jones would rather had stayed home last night.
3. The policeman would rather work on Saturday than on Sunday.
4. Maria would rather that we studied more than we do.
5. George would rather not study tonight.
6. The photographer would rather have more light.
7. The photographer would rather that we stand closer together than we are standing.
8. Carmen would rather not cook for the entire family.
9. She would rather that you not arrived last night.
10. John would rather have slept than worked last night.

Exercise 24 : Must / Should + Perfective (Page 105)
Choose between must + perfective and should + perfeective in foolowing sentences.

1. Henri was deported for having an expired visa. He must have his visa renewed.
2. Juliette was absent for the first time yesterday, she should have been sick.
3. The photos are black. The X rays at the airport should have damage them.
4. Blanca got a parking ticket. She shouldn’t have parked in a reserved spot, since she had no permit.
5. Carmencita did very well on the exam. She must have studied very hard.
6. Jeanette did very badly on the exam. She must not have studied harder.
7. German called us as soon as his wife had her baby. He should have been very proud.
8. Eve had to pas $5.00 because she wrote a bad check. She must not have deposited her money before she wrote a check.
9. John isn’t here yet. He must have forgotten about our meeting.
10. Alexis failed the exam. He must not have studied enough.

Exercise 25 : Modals + Perfective (Page 105-106)
Choose the correct  answer in each of the following sentences according to meaning and tense.
1. If I had a bicycle, I would ride it every day.
2. George would have gone on trip to Chicago if he had had time.
3. Marcela didn’t come to class yesterday. She may have had an accident.
4. John didn’t do his homework. So the teacher became very angry. John should have done his homework.
5. Sharon was supposed to be here at nine o’clock. She must have forgotten about our meeting.
6. Where do you think Juan is today ? I have no idea. He may have slept late.
7. George missed class today. He might have had an accident.
8. Robert arrived without his book. He could have lost it.
9. Thomas received a warning for speeding. He shouldn’t have driven so fast.
10. Henry’s car stopped on the highway. It may have run out of gas. 
Excercise 26: Adjectives and Adverbs (107)
Circle the correct form in parentheses.
1. Rita plays the violin well.
2. That is an intense novel.
3. The sun is shining brightly.
4. The girls speak fluent French.
5. The boys speak Spanish fluently.
6. The table has a smooth surface.
7. We must figure our income tax returns accurately.
8. We don’t like to drink bitter tea.
9. The plane will arrive soon.
10. He had an accident because he was driving too fast

Excercise 27: Linking (Copulative) Verbs (109)
 Circle the correct form in parentheses.

1. Your cold sounds terrible.
2. The pianist plays very well.
3. The food in the restaurant always tasted good.
4. The campers remained calm despite the thunderstrom.
5. They became sick after eating the contaminated food.
6. Professor Calandra looked quickly at the students sketches.
7. Paco was working diligently on the project.
8. Paul protested vehemently about the new proposals.
9. Our neighbour appeared relaxed after their vacation.
10. The music sounded too noisy to be classical.

 Excercise 28: Comparisons (Page 114)
Supply the correct form of the adjectives and adverbs in parentheses. Let as and than be your clues. Add any other words that may be necessary.

1. John an his friends left as soon as the professor had finished his lecture.
2. His job is more important than his friend’s.
3. He plays the guitar as well as Andreas Segovia
4. A new house is much more expensive than an older one.
5. Last week was as hot as this week.
6. Martha is more talented than her cousin.
7. Bill’s descriptions are more colorful than this wife’s.
8. Nobody is happier than Maria Elena.
9. The boys felt worse than the girls about losing the game.
10. A greyhound runs faster than a Chihuahua.

Excercise 29: Comparisons (Page 114)
Supply than, as , or from in each of the following sentences

1. The Empire State Building is taller than the Statue of Liberty.
2. California is farther from New York than Pennsylvania.
3. Hi assignment is different from mine.
4. Louie reads more quickly than his sisters.
5. No animal is so big as King Kong.
6. Than report is less impressive than the government’s.
7. Sam wears the same shirt as his teammates.
8. Dave paints much more realistically than his professor.
9. The twins have less money at the end of the month than they have at the beginning.
10. Her sports car is different from Nancy’s.


Excercise 30: Comparisons (Page 117 - 118)
Select the correct form in parentheses in the following sentences.

1. Of the four dresses, i like the red one better.
2. Phil is the happiest person we know.
3. Pat’s car is faster than Dan’s.
4. This is the creamiest ice cream i have had in long time.
5. This poster is more colorful than the one in the hall.
6. Does Fred feel better today than he did yesterday?
7. This vegetable soup tastes very good.
8. While trying to balance the baskets on her head, the woman walk more awkwardly than her daughter.
9. Jane is the least athletic of all the woman.
10. My cat is the prettier of the two.
11. This summary is the best of the pair.
12. Your heritage is different from mine.
13. This painting is less impressive than the one in the other gallery.
14. The colder the weather gets, the sicker i feel.
15. No sooner had he received the letter than he called Maria.
16. A mink coat costs twice more than a sable coat.
17. Jim has a few opportunities to play tennis as I.
18. That recipe calls for much more sugar than mine does.
19. The museum is the farthest away of the three buildings.
20. George Washington is more famous than John Jay.

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