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Tugas softskill bahasa inggris bisnis tugas ke 2

 Tugas softskill bahasa inggris bisnis tugas ke 2 -

Excercise 26: Adjectives and Adverbs (107) Circle the correct form in parentheses.

  1. Rita plays the violin well.
  2. That is an intense novel.
  3. The sun is shining brightly.
  4.  The girls speak fluent French.
  5. 5. The boys speak Spanish fluently.
  6. 6. The table has a smooth surface.
  7. 7. We must figure our income tax returns accurately.
  8. 8. We don’t like to drink bitter tea.
  9. 9. The plane will arrive soon.
  10. 10. He had an accident because he was driving too fast
Excercise 27: Linking (Copulative) Verbs (109)
 Circle the correct form in parentheses.

  1. Your cold sounds terrible. 
  2. The pianist plays very well. 
  3. The food in the restaurant always tasted good.
  4. The campers remained calm despite the thunderstrom.
  5. They became sick after eating the contaminated food.
  6. Professor Calandra looked quickly at the students sketches.
  7. Paco was working diligently on the project.
  8. Paul protested vehemently about the new proposals.
  9. Our neighbour appeared relaxed after their vacation.
  10. The music sounded too noisy to be classical.
 Excercise 28: Comparisons (Page 114) Supply the correct form of the adjectives and adverbs in parentheses. Let as and than be your clues. Add any other words that may be necessary.

  1.  John an his friends left as soon as the professor had finished his lecture.
  2.  His job is more important than his friend’s.
  3.  He plays the guitar as well as Andreas Segovia
  4.   A new house is much more expensive than an older one.
  5.   Last week was as hot as this week.
  6.   Martha is more talented than her cousin.
  7.   Bill’s descriptions are more colorful than this wife’s.
  8.   Nobody is happier than Maria Elena.
  9.   The boys felt worse than the girls about losing the game.
  10.   A greyhound runs faster than a Chihuahua.
Excercise 29: Comparisons (Page 114) Supply than, as , or from in each of the following sentences
The Empire State Building is taller than the Statue of Liberty.

  1. California is farther from New York than Pennsylvania.
  2. Hi assignment is different from mine.
  3. Louie reads more quickly than his sisters.
  4. No animal is so big as King Kong.
  5. Than report is less impressive than the government’s.
  6. Sam wears the same shirt as his teammates.
  7. Dave paints much more realistically than his professor.
  8. The twins have less money at the end of the month than they have at the beginning.
  9. Her sports car is different from Nancy’s.

Excercise 30: Comparisons (Page 117 - 118) Select the correct form in parentheses in the following sentences.

  1. Of the four dresses, i like the red one better.
  2. Phil is the happiest person we know.
  3. Pat’s car is faster than Dan’s.
  4. This is the creamiest ice cream i have had in long time.
  5. This poster is more colorful than the one in the hall.
  6. Does Fred feel better today than he did yesterday?
  7. This vegetable soup tastes very good.  
  8. While trying to balance the baskets on her head, the woman walk more awkwardly than her daughter.
  9. Jane is the least athletic of all the woman.
  10. My cat is the prettier of the two.
  11. This summary is the best of the pair.
  12. Your heritage is different from mine.
  13. This painting is less impressive than the one in the other gallery.
  14. The colder the weather gets, the sicker i feel.
  15. No sooner had he received the letter than he called Maria.
  16. A mink coat costs twice more than a sable coat.
  17. Jim has a few opportunities to play tennis as I.
  18. That recipe calls for much more sugar than mine does.
  19. The museum is the farthest away of the three buildings.
  20. George Washington is more famous than John Jay.

Exercise 31: Nouns Functioning as Adjectives
In each or the following sets, choose the appropriate form for the blank in the second sentence.
  1. Sam’s new apartement is in a building which has twelve stories.Sam’s new apartement is in a twelve stories building.
  2. We teach languages.We are language teachers.
  3. My parents saw a play in three acts last night.My parents saw a three acts last night.
  4. The manager said that the sale would last for two days.The manager said that it would be a last for two days sale.
  5. Hal bought a tool set containing 79 pieces. Hal bought a containing 79 pieces tool set.
  6. Margie has a bookcase with five shelvesMargie has a five shelves bookcase.
  7. I need two cans of tomatoes that weigh 16 ounces each. I need two weigh 16 ounces cans of tomatoes.
  8. I’m looking for a pressure cooker that holds six quarts. I’m looking for a holds six quarts pressure cooker.
  9. He is a specialist at building houses made of bricks. He is a specialist at building made of bricks houses.
  10. Mrs. Jansen just bought her daughter a bicyle with ten speeds.Mrs. Jansen just bought her daughter a ten speeds bicyle.
   Exercise 32: Enough
In the following sentences, choose the correct form in parentheses.
  1. There were not enough people to have meeting.
  2. Allen has learned French enough to study in France next year.
  3. Do you have enough time to talk now?
  4. She drove fast enough to win the race.
  5. Mike will graduate from law school soon enough to join his father’s firm.
  6. We arrived early enough to have some coffee before class began.
  7. It has rained hard enough to flood the low lying areas.
  8. You should type slowly enough that you will not make an error.
  9. He has just enough flour to bake that loaf of bread.
  10. There are enough books for each student to have one.


Excercise 33: Because/Because of in page 121
Supply either because or because of as appropriate 
  1. It was difficult to deliver the letter Because Of the sender had written the wrong address on the envelope.
  2. We decided to leave early Because Of the party was boring
  3. Rescue attempts were temporarily halted Because Of the bad weather.
  4. They visited their friends often Because they enjoyed their company
  5. Paul cannot go to the football game Because his grades
  6. Marcella was awarded a scholarship Because her superior scholastic ability.
  7. Nobody ventured outdoors Because Of the hurricane warnings
  8. We plan to spend our vacation in the mountains Because Of the air is purer there
  9. We have to drive around the bay Because Of the bridge was destroyed in the strom.
  10. The chickens have died Because Of the intense heat.


Excercise 34: So/Such in page 124
Following the formulas, use either so or such in thes senntences as appropriate.
  1. The sun shone So brightly that Maria had to put on her sunglasses.
  2. Dean was Such a powerpul swimmer that he always won the races.
  3. There were So few students registered that the class was cancelled.
  4. We had So wonderful memories of that place that we decided to return.
  5. We had So good a time at the party that we hated to leave.
  6. The benefit was So great a success that the promoters decided to repeat it.
  7. It was Such a nice day that we decided to go to the beach.
  8. Jane looked So sick that the nurse told her to go home.
  9. Those were Such difficult assignments that we spent two weeks finishing them.
  10. Ray called at Such an early hour that we weren’t a wake yet.
  11. The book looked So interesting that he decided to read it.
  12. He worked So carefully that it took him a long time to complete the project.
  13. We stayed in the sun for Such a long time that we became sunburned.
  14. There were So many people on the bus that we decided to walk.
  15. The program was So entertaining that nobody wanted to miss it.

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