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Tugas Softskill Bahasa Inggris Tugas Ke 4

Tugas Softskill Bahasa Inggris Tugas Ke 4

EXERCISE 40 : Inclusives.

Supply the missing connectors (Not only ... but also ,both..and, or as well as) in the following sentences.

  1. Julia speaks not only spanish but also french.
  2. She bought the yellow sweater as well as the beige skirt.
  3. They have houses both in the country and in the city.
  4. He is not only industrious but also ingenious.
  5. Her children have American cousins as well as spanish ones.
  6. Their European tour includes not only germany and austria but also switzerland.
  7. he banged the arm both thightly and quickly.
  8. Clark not only practices law but also teaches it.
  9. Tom Tryon is a playwright as well as an actor.
  10. The bride's bouquet included roses as well as orchids.

EXERCISE 41 : Know/ Know How.

Choose the correct form of know or know how in these sentences

  1. the fourth graders know how to multiply. 
  2. how many people here know how to ski?  
  3. we know about MAry's angagement to James.  
  4. the chemistry students know the formula for the salt.  
  5. although he has been driving for fifteen years, he doesn't know how to change a tire properly.  
  6. leon know that his friends would react to his proposition.  
  7. nobody know how to get to the turnpike yesterday. 
  8. the owner of the store was away, but she know about robbery. 
  9. we know how to type before we entered the university.  
  10. he doesn't know how to dance, but he tries.

EXERCISE 42 : Clauses of Concession.

Change these sentences to incorporate the expressions in parentheses.

  1. although she dislike coffee, she drank it to keep herself warm. 
  2. mary will take a plane, in spite of she dislike flying.  
  3. although marcy's sadness at losing the contest, she managed to smile. 
  4. we took many picture despite the cloudy sky.  
  5. even though her poor memory, the old woman told interesting stories to the children. 
  6. in spite of he has been absent frequently, he has managed to pass the test.  
  7. nancy told me the secret, thought promised not to do so.  
  8. we plan to buy a ticket for the drawing even thought we know we will not win a prize.   
  9. even though the high prices, my daughters insist on going to the movies every saturday.  
  10. he ate the chocolate cake in spite of he is on a diet.

EXERCISE 43: Problem Verbs.

Circle the correct form of the verb in parentheses and underline the complement if there is one. Remember that complements do not begin with prepositions

1. You will see on the map that the public auditorium lays north of the lake.
2. My dog loves to sit in the sun.
3. The delivery boy lay the groceries on the table.
4. After the heavy rain, the water in the lake raised another two feet.
5. The paper hangers decided to raise the picture a few more inches.
6. He was exhausted so he decided to lay down for a little while.
7. The workers were laying cement for the patio when it began to rain.
8. The soldier raised the flag when he heard the bugle blow.
9. In chemistry class, we learned that hot air rises.
10. They tried to set the explosives carefully on the floor.

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